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Mar 03, 2016

Should you be buying your EVOO from California?

Plagued with deception and rooted in tradition, the olive oil industry is ripe with opportunity for companies who tighten their standards and improve....More
Mar 03, 2016

Dr. Bronner's takes us on a journey from source to bottle1

In its new video, Dr. Bronner's explores the power of sustainable, socially conscious sourcing....More
Mar 01, 2016

Embracing change: A new era for Delicious Living

We're changing our logo this month to better showcase our connection to New Hope Network, our parent company, which represents and supports the....More
Feb 23, 2016

Empower your kids to prepare vegan meals

Teach your children to eat better through experiential learning....More
Feb 19, 2016

How a farmer grows citrus year-round on the Nebraska plains

Lemons and oranges from the Midwest? If Russ Finch’s “Greenhouse in the Snow” takes off, that might not be a strange notion for much longer....More
Feb 15, 2016

Why Gwyneth Paltrow would want you to check out our Beauty & Body Awards

The safe cosmetics movement is gaining momentum thanks to celebrity endorsements and attention from the mainstream medical community—which is all the....More
Feb 11, 2016

10 unique natural gifts for your main squeeze

Stumped on a Valentine’s Day gift that isn’t super cheesy or typical? Head to your natural products store for cool gifts your significant other (or....More
Feb 01, 2016

Why diet foods are tanking—and what’s taking their place

“Dieting” isn’t a fashionable term anymore. But in its place, there's a new level of confusion over what constitutes healthy eating. How is the food....More
Jan 29, 2016

Skip fast food—make French fries at home1

Fast food French fries contain nasty ingredients, and aren't nearly as good as the baked tubers you can whip up at home....More
Jan 22, 2016

The big FAT question1

Why is the topic of fat so confusing? Our editor-in-chief and registered dietitian, Jessie Shafer, helps us break down the fat conversation....More
Jan 11, 2016

Why you should consider cutting alcohol for 30 days

Originating in the U.K., "Dry January" is emerging as a hot trend in the United States. Just how might your body benefit from 30 days of alcohol-free....More
Jan 04, 2016

Recipe: Golden Milk from Dr. Taz Bhatia, MD

Boost your immunity by enjoying this simple golden "milk" (you can make it dairy free!) with ground turmeric, ginger root, cloves and raw local honey....More
Dec 18, 2015

What the Paris climate change agreement means for you

A landmark agreement brings the world's countries together to slow climate change, but it is just a start....More
Dec 08, 2015

We have a plastic problem

I hope The Graduate is wrong—plastic should not be the future....More
Dec 01, 2015

More proof cosmetics chemicals pose health risks1

The International Federation of Gynecology and the Obstetrics Endocrine Society issue warnings about chemicals that we come into contact with every....More
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