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Aug 04, 2014

Food intolerance and weight gain: connected?

An infographic from a testing lab connects food sensitivity and weight gain. Is it that simple?....More
Aug 01, 2014

DL's 30th year: roots and fruits (with photos!)

Who was (and is) at the forefront of the natural lifestyle movement? Relive the history and see where it's headed....More
Jul 03, 2014

Get fired up: #healthygrilling on Instagram

With so much amazing produce in season, what can't you throw on the grill? We love what's been coming through the #healthygrilling tag on Instagram....More
Jun 19, 2014

Consumer Reports shouldn't sweep "natural" under the rug

A new campaign by Consumer Reports aims to eliminate the term "natural" from all food labels. This is an unsustainable and knee-jerk solution....More
Jun 09, 2014

Watercress tops new list of 41 powerhouse fruits and vegetables

We’ve long known that watercress packs a serious nutritional punch, but a new superfood scoring system places it at the very top of a list of....More
Jun 02, 2014

How our words can change the world

Developing a common language can help fix our broken food systems and address climate change....More
May 29, 2014

The problem with lab research we didn't know existed

The NIH recently addressed the gender bias in animal studies. The time to remedy this inequality is long overdue....More
May 14, 2014

Good news for reproductive and sexual health

Birds are singing, bees are buzzing ... so peruse our holistic advice to improve fertility and sexual health....More
Apr 25, 2014

Organic personal care: Has anything changed since 2002?

For those of us who eat organic food, buying organic beauty products seems like a logical purchase. But are you really getting "organic"? We looked....More
Apr 02, 2014

Walgreens: At the corner of toxic and unhealthy?

After first shedding light on Walgreens' personal care "double standard" last August, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is now asking consumers to take....More
Mar 31, 2014

Green rehab: Bring back brassicas!

Why we need to rethink our communal disdain for broccoli and other brassicas....More
Mar 17, 2014

Why 2014 was my Best. Expo. Ever.

My product picks, impressions, and standout moments from Natural Products Expo West 2014....More
Feb 26, 2014

Do we really need supplements?

Dietary supplements get a lot of press--good and bad. Here's why they're important....More
Feb 04, 2014

Can supplements be transparent when going non-GMO?

Supplements are notoriously difficult to certify as non-GMO. But education throughout the verification process builds trust and transparency....More
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