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Cool, raw recipes for a flavorful 4th of July

With temperatures heating up outside around the 4th of July, dial down the heat with these cool, no-cook recipes bursting with flavor, hydration and raw nutrients.

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s stifling here in Colorado. Aside from the record-breaking heat, thousands of acres of wildfires have blanketed the state in mind-zapping haze. Everything smells like campfire, and it feels like we ourselves are being cooked—so who feels like cooking?

Well, giving up the stove and oven may be smart for health, regardless, according to Ayurvedic nutrition, which holds that summer is the ideal time to follow a mostly raw diet. Characterized by pitta, the fiery element, summer can create imbalances in the body from excess heat: In order to balance this out, we need to eat lots of raw, cooling foods, particularly watery fruits and vegetables such as cucumber or melons.

For more on the best foods for summer, check out our seasonal eating guide.

I find that a kale-arugula-red lettuce salad, a berry-yogurt bowl, or a smoothie is a perfect meal for me most of the time. But I also love to get creative with fresh ingredients, so I highly recommend some of my favorite no-cook recipes from Delicious Living, which require zero heat and offer a surprising amount of flavor.

What are your favorite no-cook meals? Share in the comments.

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