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Alfalfa’s Market pie contest brings out local flavor

How one local natural foods market builds community and goodwill, one tasty slice at a time.

While there were some amazing pies (and some not-great pies), these stood out as the best of the best. I’m including their label numbers so hopefully you can find them in the photos.


1st Place: Salted Caramel Apple Pie by Dorian O'Connell (A6)

2nd Place: Eleanor Meloul (A4)



1st Place: Fresh Pumpkin Pie by Deborah Cameron (P3)

2nd Place: Eleanor Meloul (P2)


Gluten Free:

1st Place: Pecan-Cashew Pie with Almond Meal Crust by Craig Spalding (G1)

2nd Place: QT Pies Lemon Meringue by Chelsea & Quincy Flagg (G3)



1st Place: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Meringue Pie with Rice Cereal Crust by Dorian O'Connell (M6)

2nd Place: Concord Grape and Fennel Pie by Barbara McLachlan (M8)

My personal favorite, which garnered an Honorable Mention in the apple category, was this gorgeous apple, cranberry, and pecan pie (A7) laced with quite a bit of fresh lemon (other judges deemed it not “apple-y” enough, but I dispute that).


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