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From Adaptogens to Zucchini: 36 highlights from Delicious Living 2011

Delicious Living Editor-in-Chief, Radha Marcum, shares her personal inspiration from all 12 issues of 2011. Enjoy these highlights for better health, satisfied tastebuds, and increased well-being. Tips include new advice about vitamins, minerals, and other supplements; nutrition tips and recipes; the latest health studies; natural beauty ideas; and more!

Back in January 2011, I started sharing little bits of personal inspiration from each issue of Delicious Living in my monthly editor’s letter. Here are all 36 highlights together, plus an invitation to share: What inspired you most? (Post a comment to this story, or join the conversation on Facebook.)

  1. Yoga today? Taking adaptogenic rhodiola may help ease muscle fatigue and lactic-acid buildup. 
  2. Taking a high-potency B-complex supplement can support neurotransmitters and boost mood.  
  3. Bacopa, ashwagandha, and other supplements can help alleviate brain fatigue. (Though a vacation might do the same!) 
  4. Can you guess which beauty product award pick was my fave? (Hint: I like all-in-one solutions
  5. Blackberries pack a whopping 8 grams of fiber per serving; plus they are supercharged with antioxidants. 
  6. Preparing meals with boiling, steaming, or poaching methods may reduce signs of aging and keep my skin supple. 
  7. Truly a food of the gods, chocolate perks up tea and even black-bean soup.
  8. What’s the secret to our incredible Chocolate Mousse Parfaits? Hint: It’s not the chocolate. 
  9. A seasonal favorite, cloves combat oxidative stress and may help lift my frequent brain fog. Other spices have similar superpowers. 
  10. Not-too-sweet Cocoa-Almond No-bake Cookies are a yummy way to get a healthy dose of antioxidants
  11. Weekly creativity dates may enhance my ability to remember where I left my keys. 
  12. A creamy, weight-controlling dairy product? Yes, it’s true!
  13. I can easily cut 400 calories out of my daily total by eating eggs in the morning. 
  14. I’ve got everything I need in my kitchen to make an amazing exfoliating scrub to revitalize skin
  15. Feel good about looking good! Fair-trade-certified lotions, lip balms, and other personal care products are increasingly available. 
  16. Great advice: Pediatrician Alan Greene, MD, fights back against bland first foods for babies.
  17. Organic chef Dava Parr’s dishes from the Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse nourish body and soul.
  18. Taking a daily gamma-linolenic acid supplement such as borage oil can help moisturize my fingernails from the inside-out. 
  19. I love fresh ginger. It makes a fantastic cold- and flu-relief drink and tastes amazing in our Ginger and Pear Sorbet
  20. Taking a few grams of supernutritious chlorella and other green foods will help my body resist environmental toxins
  21. For GMO Awareness Month, join me in taking a stand against GMOs.
  22. Hooray! I may not be doomed to triple-bypass surgery after all; more evidence shows that healthy foods and habits can positively affect genes
  23. I’m a huge fan of nutrient-rich kale. The last of our garden’s dinosaur kale will go toward the luscious Raw Kale Salad with Pumpkin Seeds.
  24. Lycopene, found in tomatoes and in supplements might help prevent the bone loss I am genetically predisposed to. 
  25. Love the fungi! Full of protein and immune-enhancing phytochemicals, mushrooms enhance dinner and my family’s health. 
  26. Omega-3 supplements not only boost mood, prevent heart disease, and keep skin glowing, they also prevent gum disease
  27. My penchant for pomegranates and red wine may help protect my skin from sun damage.
  28. Fresh and roasted chiles are especially enjoyable in calabacitas (summer squash sautés) and vegetarian enchiladas. 
  29. Eating while working? Pack a picnic lunch instead! Savoring each bite supports digestion, which improves overall health. 
  30. Nutty-tasting soba noodles make a light and satisfying alternative to traditional pastas. 
  31. My favorite spicy black-bean soup counts toward life-extending antioxidant intake
  32. One of my childhood favorites, Strawberry Shortcake gets an upgrade
  33. Fellow moms: Take the toxins out of bath time with these simple product-choosing rules
  34. Just a half teaspoon of turmeric daily can squelch inflammation and help prevent cancer.
  35. I’ll file the roasted veggie tostadas under “tasty” and “make often.” They’re quick and inexpensive, too! 
  36. The Zucchini Spring Rolls with Lime-Cashew Dipping Sauce rocked my taste-buds—and they’re raw! 

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