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8 healthy ways to survive a holiday flight

Flying home for the holidays? Make the journey bearable with these healthy tips and products. 

The last of the Thanksgiving leftovers have been devoured, Black Friday has come and gone, and colored Christmas lights are everywhere. 

Tune Pandora to the holiday station, folks, because the season of festivities has officially commenced.

And if your travel plans include a flight home, it’s a smart idea to begin stockpiling products for a healthy voyage, especially when immunity is already compromised by cold weather, annual holiday-induced bouts of stress, and workplace sniffles.

So how can you emerge from the gate refreshed and prepared to partake in family festivities? Take the following easy steps to endure a lengthy flight in one piece.

1. Book a flight scheduled to take off in the afternoon, and use the extra time you have in the morning to work out instead. Your energy will be higher during travel, and you won’t be as antsy sitting for an extended period. During the flight, try to walk the length of the cabin every few hours to reduce the risk of blood clots. 

2. Planes are notorious for harbouring sickness-causing bacteria. Invest in a natural hand sanitizer to use liberally throughout the trip—especially after touching germy hot spots like fold-up trays, overhead compartment handles, and armrests. Choose a product with natural antibacterial ingredients like thyme oil and white tea extract to both disinfect and moisturize hands.
Try: CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Sprays, available in 1 oz containers.

3. Eat a high-protein breakfast before you embark to reduce pre-trip hunger. For a quick breakfast, blend frozen berries, a banana, fresh orange juice, and one scoop of a plant-based protein powder for a boost of antioxidants and long-lasting fullness.
Try: Jarrow Formulas Optimal Plant Proteins

4. Avoid the candy counter at the many airport kiosks. Not only is candy spectactularly overpriced in airport terminals, but it will cause a spike in blood sugar—leading to an energy slump later on. Another reason to bypass the sweet stuff? High glycemic foods force the body to produce adrenaline to overcompensate for tiredness, making you more likely to grow frustrated... as if airports don’t contain enough stressors already. If you are truly craving a treat, bring along a small amount of organic dark chocolate, which contains less sugar than conventional sweets. 

5. While it may be tempting, (hey, you are on vacation after all) avoid alcohol both before and during your flight. Alcohol is dehydrating, especially when combined with the bone-dry air of the plane cabin. Rather, imbibe in water or a natural fruit beverage. Recent research suggests that tart cherry juice can induce the sleep hormone melatonin, which could lead to a more restful flight.
Try: Cheribundi Skinny Cherry Juice

6. While on the subject of dry air, flying almost inevitably causes breakouts. Combat airplane-induced acne by keeping skin hydrated with an oil-free facial moisturizer. Pick a product with natural antibacterial ingredients like tea tree or manuka oil, and skin soothers like sea buckthorn and Rooibos.
Try: Mychelle Oil Free Grapefruit Cream, available in 1 oz containers

7. While airports have evolved to offer surprisingly palatable food offerings, prices have risen to match. Save cash by toting your own healthy snacks. Trail mix, granola, nut-based bars, and sturdy fruit like bananas and oranges are all great choices. But kicking it old school with a peanut butter and jelly wrap is a hardy, easy way to stay nourished. Choose a natural peanut or nut butter, a jam with as few ingredients as possible, and a hearty whole grain tortilla.

8. With long lines, delays, and claustrophobic seating space, flying can be stressful. Take steps to control anxiety: deep breathing exercises, herbal teas, and reading are all effective ways to maintain a sense of peace while flying. Consider taking an omega-3 supplement as well to curb stress. An added plus? Omega-3s are proven to reduce inflammation too. 
Try: Coromega Omega3 Squeeze

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