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6 reasons natural antiaging skin care is poised for growth

Better formulations, reaching new demographics and some statistics you don’t want to ignore: Here’s why natural antiaging products are some of the beauty industry’s most promising.

What better time to delve into the natural and organic antiaging skin care industry than following the launch of cosmetic powerhouse Shiseido’s $13,000 face cream? Turns out, this isn’t the price we need to pay for beauty. The natural and organic antiaging industry has a lot to offer—at a much lower cost (in more ways than one).

Here are the top 6 reasons this category is booming. And also check out this gallery of the 18 natural antiaging ingredients driving product development.

1. Demand is strong.

Everybody wants to look young. For that reason alone, antiaging products will always have an important place in the beauty industry. While this bodes well for the entire antiaging industry (not just naturals), awareness about what goes into conventional products and common cosmetic procedures (Botox, for example, is an injectable that’s related to botulism and works by “paralyzing” facial muscles to reduce wrinkles), is creating a stronger case for nontoxic alternatives.

2. Antiaging isn’t just for boomers.

Gone are the days when women in their ‘40s were the only ones using antiaging products. Today, one of the biggest opportunities in the antiaging category is capturing women who are “post acne, pre botox.” Reaching millennials with antiaging products will be critical to customer loyalty in the long-term. This demographic is all about prevention (why sun-damage awareness has been a big driver of antiaging and antioxidant-based products) and is extremely influential in natural and organic product sales overall.

One more reason these women are important to the category: They’re driving growth of nutricosmetics in the United States. This means that beauty from within products targeting skin texture and tone hold some serious promise.

3. Perception is shifting.

No one is arguing that natural alternatives will have the same drastic or immediate effects as cosmetic procedures. But fewer Americans are seeking these types of results, according to Farah Ahmed, associate general counsel and vice president of the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).

In a recent interview, she shared how more women are embracing subtle signs of aging—think soft wrinkles and graying hair—and magazines are even going easy on the airbrushing. That’s not to say that using potent natural ingredients won’t yield results—it just means it may take a bit longer to see results and when you do, you won’t look like you’re made of wax.

4. The proof is there. 

When it comes to sophisticated formulations, natural antiaging skin care is definitely excelling. The serums, creams and peels aimed at evening skin tone, promoting collagen production, tightening skin and more are the ones using the most research-backed ingredients at the highest concentrations.

And guess what? The products that actually prove they’re working (not just use the science-backed ingredients) will have an advantage in the category. That’s precisely why more companies are investing R&D dollars in finished-product clinical studies and others are getting creative with other efforts to prove results, such as MyChelle with its VISIA system.   

5. The numbers say so.

Even if you’re not a “numbers person” you won’t want to ignore these: Facial skin care is the largest segment of the natural and organic personal care market, capturing 3.3 billion dollars with nearly 7 percent growth in 2011, according to Nutrition Business Journal. Meanwhile, the U.S. market for antiaging products is expected to grow from $80 billion to more than $114 billion by 2015. This means a whole lotta opportunity for naturals.

6. People will pay.

It’s no shock that women will pay to look younger, whether it’s on procedures or a $13,000 bottle of face cream. What does this mean for natural antiaging skin care? If you’re formulating with high concentrations of research-backed ingredients, you really can justify a higher price point (and it’s probably still lower than many products in spas and department stores). Just be sure your branding conveys that same high quality.

And if you’re selling in natural products stores, work closely with retailers to ensure they’re merchandising the products properly to communicate the same quality women are used to in other channels.

Do you think antiaging skin care is poised for growth? Share in the comments.

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Clara (not verified)
on Jul 10, 2013

Anti aging skin care helps maintaining radiance on your face for a longer time. Therefore, most of the celebrities try using different techniques for skin rejuvenation.

on Nov 4, 2013

Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.

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