You’re heading into a 2 p.m. meeting

Drink: Ti Kuan Yin oolong. “It has a bit of accessible caffeine without making you too jittery— just enough to wake up those mental synapses.”

Try: Zhi Tea Organic Iron Goddess

You’re abstaining at a cocktail party

Drink: Earl Grey.“When you don’t want to imbibe, this tea’s citrusy bergamot still gives a nice oomph.”

Try: Twinings Earl Grey Organic & Fair Trade Certified Tea

You’re dealing with a food hangover

Drink: Sencha green tea.“Its delicately vegetal flavor eases that feeling of overindulgence.”

Try: Ito En Sencha Shot

You’re afraid your computer just crashed

Drink: Darjeeling. “Just the act of brewing this classic reminds you to take a breath and calm down.”

Try: Tea Forte Estate Darjeeling

You’re drawing a bath

Drink: Jasmine pearl.“Delightfully aromatic with a relaxing floral scent; watch them unfurl as you do.”

Try: Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl

You’re at a family reunion

Drink: Flavored spice tea.“Festive, decadent, and great for joyous celebrations.”

Try: Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse Full Moon Spice