When life gives you lemons, you make … Orgain—at least if you’re Andrew Abraham. After being diagnosed with muscle cancer 10 years ago (he’s now in remission), this family physician who practices in Irvine, Calif., looked for a meal-replacement drink to meet his daily nutritional needs. After finding a lot of synthetic, overly processed ingredients in these products, Abraham and his wife created their own drink, and since there was an obvious hole in the category, decided to make their product available to everyone. Orgain offers nearly one-fourth of a person’s daily dietary needs and—here’s the kicker—actually tastes good.

I needed a ready-to-go drink shake for convenience, nutrition and energy, but everything I found on the market was filled with corn syrup, preservatives, low-quality protein, artificial flavors—and they tasted horrible.
Manufacturers are fuelling the obesity epidemic with prepared foods loaded with empty calories, high fructose corn syrup and trans fats. They may be saving money and their products have a longer shelf life, but consumers are paying the ultimate price by sacrificing their health.

I was definitely better able to withstand the rigors of chemotherapy by supporting my body with key nutrients and antioxidants on a daily basis. I packed my homemade drink with organic whey protein, blueberries, apples, carrots and kale—many of the same ingredients I put in Orgain.

People on the go don’t always have time to eat healthfully. I channeled my energy into creating a ready-to-drink nutritional shake that would help consumers reach their diet goals.

It took us well over two years to formulate Orgain, and we tested over 55 different variations.

Manufacturers owe it to consumers to set very high standards for all food and beverage products. After all, these are items we put in our bodies.
I wanted the name to include parts of the words “organic” and “gain” in reference to our mantra, which is “gain health, gain energy, gain life.” We ended up combining the two into Orgain.

I recently received a letter from a customer who was dealing with cancer, had lost 35 pounds and couldn’t get out of bed for several weeks due to having no energy. The letter described how after being introduced to Orgain, this customer regained 25 pounds and was able to carry out his daily activities again with a renewed energy and positive outlook. It’s stories like these that drive me to further the success of Orgain and to help as many people as possible.