Hormones aren't to blame just for teen acne; they're also the culprit behind breakouts that appear well after adolescence on the nose, forehead, and jawline. "When you reach 30, 35, or 40, your hormones start to change," says Maine-based holistic aesthetician Stephanie Tourles, author of Organic Body Care Recipes (Storey, 2007). "You have less estrogen cycling through your body." Plus, stress can cause sebaceous glands to pump out more, thicker oil and clog pores.

Beauty fix: Using a delicate clay mask, such as kaolin, twice weekly will help dry out oily areas, gently exfoliate, increase circulation, and unclog pores—without stripping protective oils. Also, keep a bottle of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory aloe vera handy and apply to breakout-prone areas a few times daily. "But keep your hands off your face," warns Tourles. Other acne-fighting tips: Clean your bacteria-laden phone, change pillowcases frequently, and get a monthly facial to clear pores.

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