Eat with your child. “Kids do best when they see mom and dad eating the same foods,” says Greene. Just take what you’re eating and mash it up with a grinder, handheld blender, or even your fingers, until it’s a texture your baby can handle.

Don’t give up. Babies don’t “imprint” foods until they’ve tasted them, on average, six to ten times. “Give your baby one bite of the same food every day for one week,” suggests Greene. Chances are good that by Saturday, your baby will really like the same food he hated last Sunday.

Think crayons. Fruits and veggies come in five main colors: red, yellow-orange, white, purple, and green. Each color represents a different mix of beneficial plant nutrients, so variety is key.

Try frozen organic baby food. If you can’t carve out time to make your own baby food, try the fresh-frozen variety in your natural grocer’s freezer. “They’re definitely a better alternative than shelf-stable foods,” says Daulter.