Parabens, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates are obvious shampoo no-nos, but sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which lends shampoo its suds, also can irritate a child’s skin, says Steingraber. Some shampoos replace it with plant-based foaming agents such as those from yucca, but a rich lather doesn’t necessarily indicate cleanliness, so don’t worry if a shampoo doesn’t foam. Look for soothing botanicals such as aloe vera and herbs like lavender, which cleanse hair while nourishing a sensitive scalp—and may help relax your little one, too. Try: Dolphin Organics Baby Shampoo & Body Wash; Nature’s Baby Organics Conditioner & Detangler

Soap and body wash

When it comes to keeping your kids clean, harsh antibacterial agents aren’t necessary; in fact, they can be harmful, eliminating too much of skin’s bacteria, some of which the body needs to fend off infection. Avoid chemicals, particularly triclosan, which is linked to cancer and immune disorders and may alter hormone regulation, as well as synthetic detergents, which can irritate sensitive skin. Instead, opt for natural soaps made from fats such as coconut oil and jojoba oil, with natural antibacterial ingredients like citrus, neem, honey, and essential oils. Try: Dr. Bronner’s Organic Baby Mild Liquid Soap;
Nature’s Paradise Organic Kids Watermelon Body Wash