The best diaper-rash treatments soothe irritated skin and form a protective barrier between baby and diaper. Many commercial brands accomplish this with harsh petroleum derivatives, such as petrolatum (petroleum jelly) and mineral oil, and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), a preservative. Look for a natural base of zinc oxide and organic cocoa butter or beeswax, with soothing add-ins such as vitamin E, lavender, tea tree oil, aloe, and calendula.
Try: Badger Certified Organic Baby Balm; Terressentials 100% Organic Terrific Tush Treatment

Dry-skin lotion

Babies and kids are prone to eczema and other skin irritations, which is why nontoxic moisturizing is a must. Neustaedter recommends organic coconut oil for children’s sensitive skin. “It stimulates the immune system and helps with eczema. Plus, it’s cheap,” he says. Other gentle, effective moisturizing agents include shea butter, olive oil, and aloe vera. Avoid any lotion with synthetic fragrances, which tend to be allergenic and are potentially toxic, and “-paraben” preservatives. “Parabens are estrogenic and have a suspected link to breast cancer,” says Sandra Steingraber PhD, author of Raising Elijah (Da Capo, 2011). Try: Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion; Lafe’s Organic Baby Lotion