Victoria Dolby Toews, MPH

Victoria Dolby
Toews, MPH
5 supplements for improved joint health 3
Ease joint pain with these five alternative supplements including curcumin, willow bark, and boswellia.
Energy boosters
Banish fatigue, ease stress, and improve stamina with Ashwagandha, Citicoline, Coenzyme Q10, Rhodiola, and
The breast-health diet
Expert-recommended tips for promoting breast health, including upping your intake of walnuts, fiber, tea, and vitamin D.
Vision-saving supplements
If you're one of the millions of Americans who spends eight to twelve hours every day staring into a computer screen,
Beyond the multi: Children's supplements 1
Taken in addition to a multivitamin, these nutrients are key for young bodies, says Alan Greene, MD, author of Raising
On-the-go essentials
These natural health enhancers, recommended by Laurie Steelsmith, ND, LAc, can help you stay healthy while on the road
Take urgent action
Having trouble "down under"? Most women will develop a urinary tract infection at some point in their lives; and if you
Health Trip
Between the stress of travel, compromised sleep schedules, holiday indulgences, and exposure to the coughing, sneezing
Get physical
No matter how you move your bodywalking, biking, swimming, weight training, or a combinationjust get to it. Any kind of
Stay level
Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)What it is: The body makes small amounts of ALAa powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free
How does maté compare with coffee?
Compared with the average cup of coffee's 100 mg of caffeine, a cup of maté has only about 10 mg.
How safe is microwaved food?
Microwave cooking is fast and simple. But there can be some downsides.
What's the best way to rehydrate after exercise?
If you're exercising more than an hour or during very hot weather, you would do well to consider a sports drink.
What's the healthiest way to grill?
Q. What's the healthiest way to grill? A. You may have heard some slightly scary reports of grilled meats being linked
Are fermented soyfoods better for you than other soyfoods?
Assuming you aren't allergic, foods made from soy can add a lot to your diet, and fermented soyfoods have even more going for them.
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