Veria ID

Veria ID
  • Veria ID makes personal care very personal, using the idea of Ayurveda to help you discover exactly what your skin and body need
  • It’s natural, and it works, beautifully. Ayurveda Iooks at what’s inside—your essential nature, or “dosha”—to balance what’s outside: your skin, your hair, your mood, your glow. If your dosha tends to be quick and airy, your skin and hair mantra should be “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” If you’re fiery instead, your regimen should play it cool. And if you’re firmly grounded, you need care that takes a load off. Think of your dosha as your personal beauty advisor.
  • Ayurveda is about balance, and it’s hard to balance what’s organic (you) with what’s artificial. That’s why we seek out effective herbal ingredients, and why we’re careful about what goes into our formulas.
  • Not only are the products made sans synthetic chemicals, but they work. ID marries herbal wisdom with the best of modern science—using potent natural extracts and a signature plant peptide that’s in all our skin care—to advance the ancient to amazing.
  • The wisdom may be age-old, but the idea’s more relevant than ever: today we’re more careful about what goes in, and on, our bodies, and how we define “natural.” So at Veria ID:Innerdosha, we don’t ask you to take our word for it; we look to trusted sources who have well-defined natural care standards. Whole Foods’ Premium Body Care™ standards—for instance. ID was created with them in mind, which means we adhere to the strictest guidelines for quality ingredient sourcing, low environmental impact, protecting your safety, and well, results.
  • Learn more about the Veria ID mission at 
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