Susan Enfield

Senior Editor,
Delicious Living

Susan Enfield is senior editor for Delicious Living magazine and Supplement Editor for Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine and She writes frequently about health, nutrition, and supplements.

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5 herbal stress-busters
Instead of stressing out, de-stress with herbs.
Natural approaches to mild depression
One in ten Americans suffer from depression at one point or another. But for those with persistent mild depression, are prescription antidepressants the answer?
Effective back-to-school immunity supps
Along with buying notebooks and backpacks, don’t forget to boost your children’s immune systems before they return to germ-filled classrooms.
Delicious Living's 2014 Supplement Awards
The results are in! Among this year's award-winning supplement picks and finalists, you’ll find powerful tools to further your healthy-living journey.
Does a gluten-free diet cause weight loss?
Going gluten free doesn't guarantee weight loss. But if you eat wholesome, naturally gluten-free foods, you may experience health benefits.
Delicious Living's 2013 Supplement Awards winners 1
These expert-vetted and award-winning supplements represent innovative and effective formulas to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
5 weight loss products to try 1
These supplement products can help you accomplish your weight loss goals.
metabolism supplements
5 metabolism supplements that may be right for you
These natural nutrients (listed in order of likely effectiveness) may offer extra support if you also follow a healthy diet and stay active.
How to fight depression without drugs 4
Andrew Weil, MD, offers expert tips for fighting depression the natural way.
5 reasons to buy organic apples
Kudos if you eat an apple a day. But here's why to be sure to make sure it's organic.
How to choose healthy proteins for weight loss 1
Want to know how much protein and what kinds to choose for healthy weight loss? Here's a supersimple cheat sheet.
4 ways to combat aging 2
Want to stay forever young? Who doesn't? There may not be a magic serum, but these four tips can help protect you from common signs of aging.
3 tips for taking supplements
From what time to take your minerals to choosing the right multi, here are three quick tips for upping the benefits of your supplements.
Easy steps for going vegan
It may feel daunting to adopt veganism, but the transition can be seamless with this expert-recommended advice.
Supplement your Rx
Americans are taking more prescription drugs—and supplements—than ever. Here's what you need to know about possible interactions, both harmful and beneficial.
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