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More research links D and autism traits
An Australian study adds more research to the link between mothers’ vitamin D levels during pregnancy and the risk their children will develop autistic traits.
Vitamin D and statins
Vitamin D may help people stick with statins
Vitamin D supplementation may help millions tolerate cholesterol-lowering statins, according to new research.
Natural compounds can help improve sunscreen
Researchers have used compounds found in algae to create new kinds of sunscreens that double the protective power of existing formulas.
whole grains and metabolism
Can whole grains boost metabolism?
Swapping whole grains for refined grains cranked up metabolism and reduced calories in a new study.
med diet
Med diet’s secret revealed?
Olive oil’s ability to help “good” cholesterol function may be the key to the diet’s heart benefits according to new research.
When you eat could make a difference to your heart
Could the timing of when you eat boost your heart health? Maybe, according to a new scientific statement published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.
Vitamin C's promise in fighting cancer
Researchers have uncovered how ultra-high concentrates of vitamin C kills cancer cells, but not normal cells.
B12 more critical than previously believed
New research suggests that vitamin B12 is even more important to the life of microbes than scientists thought.
Blue Corn
Benefits of blue corn promising
New research suggests that anthocyanins, the nutrients that give the corn its lovely blue color, may also help protect against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
Carrot pulp and fiber
Could carrots lead a fiber revolution?
Dried carrot pulp has all the benefits of other plant fibers without the problems, according to new research.
Cocoa keeps us young at heart
Two new studies suggest that cocoa flavanols keep the heart and arteries spry as time goes by.
7 waters that deliver innovative nutrition 1
Coconut water, you've started something. When it comes to healthy hydration, these waters offer lip-smacking goodness and stellar nutrition.
Bone-a-fide evidence for kids and magnesium
The magnesium content of a diet is significantly related to bone strength, according to a new study.
Why the rise in food allergies? 1
Are food allergies really increasing? Or is it a case of increased awareness? Both, according to allergist and immunologist Stefano Luccioli, MD.
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