Radha Marcum

Editor in Chief,
Delicious Living

Editor in chief of consumer publications including Delicious Living magazine, the premier in-store consumer publication serving the natural products industry. Radha writes about health, wellness, organic and sustainable living, and the natural lifestyle.

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10 ways to survive the holidays
Simple strategies to save time, stay healthy, and maintain a positive outlook
What's a B Corp company? 1
Heralded as one of the trusted sustainability labels, here's why you should choose B Corp certified companies.
6 surprising reasons to go organic 2
Whether you’re deeply committed to eating organic or just try to buy it when you can, discover some less-obvious reasons you might choose organic.
Farm-fresh recipes
Chef Dava Parr, owner of Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse Inn and Gardens in Paonia, Colorado, lives and cooks by these words: Keep it simple. Keep it local.
Organic business: what it really takes
A behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to grow, produce, and get organic foods onto store shelves.
Seventh Generation debuts recycled-paper laundry bottles 2
Seventh Generation debuted its new Natural Detergent 4X recycled paper bottles at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim this week. Developed in partnership with Ecologic, the innovative bottle shell is made from 100-percent recycled cardboard and newspaper.
Real Happiness: An interview with Sharon Salzberg
Meditation not only has the power to calm, but to lower stress and prevent disease while rewiring the brain for positive states such as compassion and well-being. Sharon Salzberg, author of eight books on meditation and mindfulness discusses her new book, Real Happiness, a practical guide to starting a daily meditation practice.
NewHope360.com welcomes Delicious Living magazine 1
Find Delicious Living's recipes, articles, blogs, and more.
Vegetarian slow-cooker fare
Exotic flavors rely on bean- and legume-based proteins to create healthy, hearty, slow-cooked vegetarian dishes in
White Bean and Cabbage Soup
Cabbage becomes tender and delicious in this French-inspired soup.
New Mexican Green Chile Casserole
Prep time: 10 minutes, plus 4–5 hours in slow cooker Serves 8 / This layered dish, similar to a lasagna, is a family
Michael Pollan’s dilemma: Reaching a new generation
Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Penguin, 2006), followed by In Defense of Food (Penguin, 2008), broke real
A brief history of organic
How did organics go from the definition in Lord Walter Northbourne's 1940 book, Look to the Land, to what we find in
In defense of organics
Should I buy organic if it isn’t locally produced? Is it worth the extra cost? And does organic really live up to its
Prevent eyestrain at work
Dust off your computer screen weekly with a soft cloth; a dirty screen contributes to eyestrain. The best lighting
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