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Articles by Natural Vitality Living
Tell Costco to reject GMO salmon
Many supermarkets are rejecting GMO salmon, but there are many companies who still haven’t responded. Here's how you can get involved.
Is rooibos the world's healthiest tea?
Rooibos doesn’t just taste great, its health benefits rival those of green tea.
Love Potion Smoothie
Start his or her Valentine’s Day off with a little lovin’ by whipping up one of these tasty smoothies with a dose of the libido-promoting botanical maca and calming magnesium. We even offer the recipe to make your own nut milk, if you really want to impress.
DIY natural vanilla lip balm
Making your own lip balm is easier than you’d think and a great project to do with kids. Try this easy recipe from Natural Vitality Living.
5 ways to eat local in winter
Depending on where you live, the local produce offerings during the winter months can be quite limited. Root vegetables, anyone? But there are ways to support local food suppliers and promote local agriculture. Here are five tips:
Natural Vitality Living Anniversary Giveaway! 2
To celebrate its year anniversary, Natural Vitality is giving away a year's worh of favorite natural products.
14 food resolutions for 2014
Natural Vitality Living, the online magazine of Natural Vitality, reported on Food Tank's top food changes to focus on this year.
Why to eat more chestnuts
Though the holiday season is winding down, Natural Vitality Living gives some good reasons to crack open chestnuts year-round.
Natural Vitality's top 5 recipes from 2013 1
Natural Vitality Living's recipes stand out with their nutrient density, easy preparation, and healthy takes on classic dishes. Enjoys these favorites from 2013.
How to be a plant-based pro chef
As you start thinking about your New Year's resolution, consider trying this online resource for healthier, plant-based cooking.
12 easy ways to stay calm this holiday season 2
With the holidays in full swing, taking a few minutes each day to clear your mind and relax can go a long way in helping you maintain your sanity. Here are Natural Vitality's top tips.
How to find great organic wine 1
Looking for an organic wine that actually tastes good this holiday season? Check out these tips from Natural Vitality Living.
The Non-GMO Cookbook: a welcome surprise
Natural Vitality Living took a first read of the Non-GMO Project’s new book The Non-GMO Cookbook: Recipes and Advice for a Non-GMO Lifestyle (Skyhorse Publishing, 2013). Here's why it got rave reviews.
9 tips to be GMO-free
Until labeling legislation gets passed—and we here at NVL believe it will—consider these tips for finding GMO-free foods without getting a PhD in food science.
Tips for healthy shopping from a plant-food pioneer
Natural Vitality Living talks with the author of Moosewood Cookbook about healthy choices to make at the grocery store and following a plant-based diet.
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