Matthew Kadey, RD

Kadey, RD
5 healthy spices to flavor holiday meals
These spices lend delicious warmth, depth, and sensory nostalgia to holiday dishes. But antioxidant-packed powerhouses like cinnamon and cayenne also offer significant health-promoting compounds.
3 tips for gluten-free travel
Planning a road trip? Avoid junk food and cross-contaminated offerings with these easy tips.
Chia-Crusted Tofu with Cauliflower Mash
Chia seeds lend tofu a crunchy crust that is packed with fiber and good fats.
Oats: Gluten-free, or not?
Yes, oats are gluten-free. Researchers have concluded that oats are safe for those with celiac or gluten intolerance
5 unexpected high-sodium foods—and smart swaps 1
Chicken? Cottage cheese? Peanut butter? Here are the surprising places sodium is hiding and some nutritious alternatives.
How to decode whole grains 2
Scratching your head over whole grains? We offer a comprehensive user's guide to the healthy and fiber-rich carbohydrate.
Decoding the glycemic index 2
Learn how to interpret the glycemic index and find out which carbs are the smartest dietary choices (hint: they're not all evil!).
Selecting mushrooms
Four kinds of mushrooms to try and their health benefits.
Cut calories
Despite the glut of modern-day innovations to aid weight loss, it still boils down to calories in versus calories out, or burned. But dramatic calorie restriction isn't realistic. Here's how to make the smart choices.
Delectable dried fruit
Naturally dried fruits are sweet, tart, and nutrient-rich bites. Here's how to use cherries, plums, apricots, blueberries, cherries, and figs.
5 gluten-free baking flours
To excite your palate with new flavors and textures, while sneaking healthy nutrients into your next batch of baked goods, try using these gluten-free flours.
3 tips for gluten-free grocery shopping
At first, finding enough safe and wholesome foods that won’t break the bank at the supermarket can seem daunting.
What is celiac disease?
Elation is not a common response when told you have an incurable disease, but for many who have endured countless
How to master gluten-free cooking
Being diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can be sobering news to someone with a penchant for pasta and bread. But despite some restrictions, you can still be a foodie and whip up a deliciously balanced diet.
Warning: Gluten zone! 1
These items may or may not contain gluten. Look for "gluten-free" on the label; otherwise, pass. Condiments: Bottled
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