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Natural sleep remedies
Natural remedies to help you sleep
If you're having trouble sleeping, here’s a guide to determining which natural remedies may be right for you.
Supplement companies chase the non-GMO butterfly 1
Can supplements meet the demand for Non-GMO Project verification?
Choose your tribe: 4 hot diet trends 2
Dietary restrictions—both necessary and self-imposed—have become a way of life, not just a weight loss strategy. Are food tribes here to stay?
[Free downloadable guide] Safe supplements: what you need to know
Download your free guide covering how supplements are regulated and the safety measures behind this 35 billion dollar industry. Find all the facts you need to know to stay healthy with your favorite vitamins, herbs, omegas, and more.
How can healthy food become accessible to all?

It’s been a long time coming, but in many areas of the country, healthy food is getting easier to find. Stores from 7-Eleven to Walmart now carry organic products, helping to drive prices down and convenience up. But a deeper look at the nation’s food landscape reveals a stubborn inequity.

How the health movement began, and what's next 1
In celebration of Delicious Living's 30th anniversary, here's a glimpse of how the natural living movement has evolved over the past few decades—and what's ahead.
Breast cancer prevention 3
Simple lifestyle and diet tips to reduce your risk.
How important are omega-3s in your child's diet?
Just a small dose of omegas can make a huge difference in any kid's overall well-being.
7 natural ways to alleviate sinusitis
While sinusitis sufferers generally reach for Western remedies for their stuffy woes, recent research shows that natural methods of relief may work better in solving sinus problems. Here are seven natural remedies to try.
The hormone balance plan
Make wise food choices to reset your metabolism and lose weight (for good!) with these tips for balancing your hormones.
Retailers, consumers and CEOs join fight against GMOs 5
As genetically modified crops take over half of all the land harvested in the United States, disagreements still arise as to how best slow the march of GMOs across America’s fields and tables.
Natural fitness-boosting supplements
Safe and natural fitness-enhancers that actually work.
Inside the brave new world of neuromarketing
Will natural product companies embrace facial mapping, brain-wave tracking and other sci-fi technologies to better understand what drives consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors?
7 tips for kicking artificial colors
Following these guidelines will help you avoid synthetic dyes and possibly get them out of our food supply altogether.
Choose your detox plan 1
Customized detox plans to help quell digestive distress, manage weight, and clear up skin
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