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Articles by Laurie Budgar
Beat your fatigue, naturally 2
Address persistent fatigue and feel great again. Look lively!
Natural ways to regulate your menstrual cycle 46
Top natural ways to get your cycle back on track, whether you're experiencing heavy bleeding or infrequent, light periods.
Tips and products for healthy teeth and gums
Brush up on natural oral care for fresh, healthy teeth and gums
Say thanks with heirloom foods
Bring some diversity in food sources to the dinner table with heirloom foods.
Natural hormone balance at any age 1
Safe, gentle ways to keep hormones in check and feel your best at any age.
Brain-boosting supplements 1
Herbs and nutrients that keep your mind sharp, improve memory, and help prevent Alzheimer's.
Guide to gut health 2
Heartburn? Gas? Bloating? Whatever your symptom, check out our guide to common digestive issues
11 top vision supplements
It's a fact: Vision deteriorates with age. Find out what nutrients to include in your diet and what supplements to take to preserve your vision and eye health.
Common questions about women's heart health 2
Cardiovascular disease and other heart health issues can affect women of different ages and with different lifestyles. Learn what you can do to take good care of your heart.
8 ways to boost brain health 2
You’re at the market when you run into a former colleague—and suddenly you can’t remember her name. Should you be worried? Probably not, but there are things you can do to support your cognitive health and even ward off Alzheimer's disease.
Personal care products: organic or not?
The debate continues. Should the same organic standard hold true for beauty products and for food? We
Natural first-aid kit
It’s summertime and the living is—well, a little hazardous, now that you’re out and about more. But with the right
What enzymes can do for you 2
Remember how you felt after your last trip to the Mexican restaurant? If your first thought is of an upset stomach,
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