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How to avert allergies 1
Don't wait until peak season to fight allergies. Prevent and treat seasonal symptoms with these natural remedies, including bromelain and vitamin C, and learn how spring cleaning can help.
6 natural alternatives to statins 1
Natural alternatives may work as well as top-selling drugs to lower heart disease risk. Here are our picks for the best foods and supplements for a heart-healthy lifestyle.
Personal care consumer research
Get the rest of Delicious Living's Personal Care Consumer Research at Natural Products Expo West
Laugh often for a healthy heart
Here’s a fun fact: According to study results presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the American Physiological
Cholesterol reconsidered 1
Debunking common myths about cholesterol and its health effects.
Men's health alert
Everything men should know about taking care of their bodies.
How to age well 1
By 2009, Americans will be spending more than $70 billion each year on antiaging products and services, according to Massachusetts market-analysis firm BCC Research.
Hey guys!
A lot of guys consider themselves pretty tough, but chances are their skin is anything but. Men's skin is way more oily
Chillin' on frozen foods
For some people, a stroll down the frozen-food aisle can be nearly as intimidating as a voyage to the South Pole. So
Hey, stop snoring 1
How would you like to sleep next to a power lawn mower going full throttle? It doesn't sound like fun, but chances are
Couples' best tips for how to sleep with a snorer
Jennifer & Ari>> To deal with Ari's snoring, Jennifer says she's "tried kicking him a couple of times, though he
Herbs and supplements for snoring
1> Nettle leaf(Urtica dioica) 2> Quercetin 3> Hesperidin >> Rationale Nettle leaf may reduce congestion and therefore
Letting go
Colon cleansing is not a typical dinner-party topic. Most people don't like talking about what's in their large
Herbs and supplements for colon health 1
Supplement How it works Dose Notes Psyllium seed husks (Plantago ovata) A high-fiber laxative, these keep feces soft
Dont lose it
From Samson to Homer Simpson, men and hair loss seems always to have been a losing combination. Although male pattern
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