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How to avert allergies
Don't wait until peak season to fight allergies. Prevent and treat seasonal symptoms with these natural remedies, including bromelain and vitamin C, and learn how spring cleaning can help.
6 natural alternatives to statins 2
Natural alternatives may work as well as top-selling drugs to lower heart disease risk. Here are our picks for the best foods and supplements for a heart-healthy lifestyle.
Personal care consumer research
Get the rest of Delicious Living's Personal Care Consumer Research at Natural Products Expo West
Laugh often for a healthy heart
Here’s a fun fact: According to study results presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the American Physiological
Cholesterol reconsidered 1
Debunking common myths about cholesterol and its health effects.
Men's health alert
Everything men should know about taking care of their bodies.
How to age well 2
By 2009, Americans will be spending more than $70 billion each year on antiaging products and services, according to Massachusetts market-analysis firm BCC Research.
Hey guys!
A lot of guys consider themselves pretty tough, but chances are their skin is anything but. Men's skin is way more oily
Chillin' on frozen foods
For some people, a stroll down the frozen-food aisle can be nearly as intimidating as a voyage to the South Pole. So
Hey, stop snoring
How would you like to sleep next to a power lawn mower going full throttle? It doesn't sound like fun, but chances are
Couples' best tips for how to sleep with a snorer
Jennifer & Ari>> To deal with Ari's snoring, Jennifer says she's "tried kicking him a couple of times, though he
Herbs and supplements for snoring
1> Nettle leaf(Urtica dioica) 2> Quercetin 3> Hesperidin >> Rationale Nettle leaf may reduce congestion and therefore
Letting go
Colon cleansing is not a typical dinner-party topic. Most people don't like talking about what's in their large
Herbs and supplements for colon health 1
Supplement How it works Dose Notes Psyllium seed husks (Plantago ovata) A high-fiber laxative, these keep feces soft
Dont lose it
From Samson to Homer Simpson, men and hair loss seems always to have been a losing combination. Although male pattern
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