Jessica Rubino

Deputy Editor, Consumer and Digital
New Hope Natural Media
Articles by Jessica Rubino
Top natural tips to age beautifully
Slow the hands of time with natural, science-backed ingredients.
2014 Beauty & Body Awards
This years winners remind us that natural ingredients paired with innovation truly is a beautiful thing.
5 beauty ingredients from Africa 1
These globally sourced personal care ingredients deliver time-tested benefits.
Healthy detox and weight loss Twitter chat
Craving delicious recipes that also help remove toxins from your body? Have questions about the best, healthiest ways to lose weight? Join our January 16 Twitter chat that will help you reach optimal wellness in 2014 (and beyond!).
Top 10 health stories of 2013
From reducing exposure to toxins to finding balance in mind and body, as you prepare to start a healthy 2014, heed the tips from our top health stories of last year.
Fertility foods
Find out which foods to choose—and avoid—to boost fertility.
Nominate a product for our Beauty & Body Awards!

Have a natural beauty or body product you can't do without? Submit your nominations for our 2014 awards by Oct. 14!

Get involved in the non-GMO movement
This Non-GMO Month, get the information you need to make informed decisions for you and your family.
Natural body care for mom and baby 2
New moms and moms-to-be, care for your and your baby's body with these tips for choosing natural personal care.
Organic beauty: what to know 1
For many of us, the transition to organic is gradual. Are you ready to go organic in the beauty aisle? Here's what to know.
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics targets Walgreens’ ‘egregious double standard’ 4
In its latest advocacy initiative, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics targets one major retailer--and sheds light on the importance of private label transparency and the power of change at retail.
Natural hair care tips 16
Manage dry hair, dandruff, or oil tresses with these natural tips.
25 healthiest, nutrient-dense foods 1
Have you ever wondered which foods are really the best for your health? We've tracked down the top 25, with recipes to match. Now it's your turn to eat them.
3 natural remedies for spring and summer allergies 1
Enlist the help of these herbal and homeopathic remedies to clear spring-aggravated sinuses.
5 things your skin is trying to tell you 7
Surprising health clues that appear on the surface.
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