Jenna Blumenfeld

Managing Editor,
Delicious Living
13 natural foods with five ingredients (or less!) 1
These straightforward products win in minimalism and taste.
Delicious Living's 2015 Best Bite Awards Winners 1
We're thrilled to announce the winners (and finalists) of our 2015 Best Bite Awards!
Men's personal care is ready for the spotlight 2
Beauty and grooming products are getting a manly makeover. Check out what's new in men's personal care.
Sandwich shop proves sourcing local and organic is possible
Can a small sandwich shop truly go local and organic? Organic Sandwich Company shows the Delicious Living editors how it's done.
14 best new health-promoting beverages on store shelves 1
Getting thirsty? Skip the soda and reach for one of these new health-promoting beverages instead.
3 foods for better blood pressure 1
Recent studies suggest that consuming these three foods can lower your blood pressure and keep your ticker ticking—so dig in!
10 new savory snacks you'll love
Want to get chip-faced? There are better options than Cheetos. These new natural savory snacks are packed with flavor, and will hold you over until your next meal.
Juicing 101: Drink your nutrients 1
Pressed fruits and vegetables offer high concentrations of nutrients in one ready-to-drink option.
17 new sweet snacks you have to try 5
Crave something sweet? Back away from artificially-flavored-and-colored candies and choose one of these top-notch natural products instead.
Going gluten free? Here's what to look for 3
Thinking about going gluten free? New options are making the path to GF tastier and healthier than ever.
The link between sugar, salt, and your heart 1
For years, doctors tagged excess sodium as a major high blood pressure culprit, but a recent meta-analysis suggests that sugar may be to blame as well.
10 caveman-approved new paleo products 2
Primal eating is easier than ever with this latest batch of paleo-friendly products. Look for them at your local natural products store!
Smart swaps for sustainability 2
Choose sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap and paper bags.
11 great new gluten-free products 5
Think gluten-free innovation is slowing down? These 11 new finds prove otherwise. Check them out, fresh from the show floor at Natural Products Expo West 2015!
5 yoga poses to relieve stress and tension 5
Anxious about an upcoming deadline? Yoga can help. We talked to yoga teacher Heather Peterson, SVP of Programming for CorePower Yoga, for down(dog)-and-dirty ways to relieve stress and tension.
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