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Tasty new vegan foods to try — even if you aren't a vegan
If there are foods you can't or don't eat, such as eggs, dairy, meat or seafood and often honey, try these vegan products, which celebrate the bounty of nutrient-dense, plant-based foods. Here, beans, grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices boost traditionally maligned foods like meatless meatballs with flavor, texture and protein.
3 drinking vinegars to boost your probiotic consumption
One of the hottest new trends in natural beverages is drinking vinegars. Consuming these tasty drinks — or even using them in a salad dressing — can boost your probiotic consumption.
9 grain-free finds from Expo East
From granola to cookies, myriad brands swapped traditional wheat and grains for nuts like almonds, cashews and coconut, spices and dried fruits. The result? Tasty, nutrient-dense alternatives that are suitable for those who eschew grains or adhere to the paleo diet.
Plastic Warrior: Reduce plastic pollution in the oceans with these products
How can you save the oceans? Kick your plastic habit by choosing products that make living the zero-plastic life easier than ever.
Fermented foods becoming more popular
Tart, tangy and packed with gut-friendly probiotics, fermented foods are becoming more popular. From kombucha to drinking vinegars to pickled vegetables, innovative natural brands have harnessed the millennia-old technology of fermentation to provide functional benefits and flavor to products of all ilk.
5 natural product packaging redesigns
As shoppers, we probably don't realize how much a product's packaging affects our buying decisions. Look for new packaging on these five favorite products at your natural products store.
Unboxed: 'Speed scratch' foods that make meal prep a cinch
Pre-mixed or pre-packaged food products can help you get a good, healthy meal on the table before prime time TV is over. In this Unboxed, you'll find some treats to keep in your pantry.
Heavenly Organics wants consumers to be sweet on bees
Honey Organics' "Clean Bee" campaign offers to educate consumers on improved honey practices with a series of five amusing videos.
The price of good food
Why is organic so expensive? How can we increase affordability and access to clean food for everyone?
5 inspirational books we love 1
Happier, healthier, lower-stress living is not out of reach. Try these science-backed ways to thrive right now!
The vegan cheese revolution
What's new in vegan cheese—plus perfect wine pairings.
4 Instagram food trends you should know
These four viral food trends are making waves on Instagram, Pinterest and beyond. Take a look and get some kitchen inspiration to put your own spin on the avocado rose, sushi burritos and more.
Unboxed: 12 new snack foods making their debut
In this week's Unboxed: Vegan munchies eliminate the need for cheese, granola goes paleo and bioavailable ingredients take center stage.
Science-backed ways to live your best life today
Happier, healthier, lower-stress living is not out of reach. Try these science-backed ways to thrive right now.
Unboxed: 13 new natural foods & beverages
Check out new clean-ingredient nut milks, speed scratch dinners, luscious French desserts and more.
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