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4 spring greens (beyond spinach)
Spring brings a new crop of baby greens—but don't resign yourself to a season of just spinach. Toss up your lettuce routine with unique and flavorful leafy greens.
8 new vegan products you'll love
So eat your hearts out, vegans. Here are the new top players in town.
The power of positive thinking
Science backs the positive effects of upbeat self-encouragement to power through your workout.
Get cultured on global yogurts
Rich in probiotics, protein, and calcium, yogurt is the cream of the crop. Widen your options with lesser-known international styles.
Delicious Living's 2014 Best Bite Awards: categories & guidelines
Nominate natural food and beverage products for Delicious Living's 2014 Best Bite Awards! Entry deadline: Monday March 17, 2014
Why sex is good for your health
Don’t blush—a slew of studies suggest that having sex offers distinct health benefits.
3 ways to choose clean, safe candles
Candles set the mood, but common paraffin-based candles may emit carcinogens that are anything but romantic. Light up these options for clean-burning ambience.
Top weight loss news of 2013
Your New Year's resolution is likely in full swing—let's examine a few of the most interesting weight loss studies from 2013.
4 gourmet cheeses that please
Dazzle guests with a well-rounded cheese plate. To store fine cheeses, wrap them in parchment or waxed paper (not tight plastic); bring to room temp before serving.
4 favorite nuts (and how to use them)
Crack open a handful of these beauties for heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, essential minerals, and powerful antioxidants.
9 ways to prevent overeating
Expert advice on how to reduce overeating this holiday season.
6 new, natural beverages to try 1
Delicious Living Managing Editor Jenna Blumenfeld slurped her way through Natural Products Expo East 2013 to seek the most interesting new natural beverages. These are her top stellar sips.
How to get "GMO OMG" screened in your city 1
Moments before the premiere of new documentary "GMO OMG" in Boulder, Colo.'s historic Boulder Theater, Delicious Living caught up with filmmaker and director Jeremy Seifert to ask how you can get the film screened in your own community.
7 top immunity foods for cold and flu season 5
Try adding these 7 foods to your diet to lower your risk for catching colds and flu and to support disease prevention and longevity.
4 alternative sweeteners 2
Hit the sweet spot with better-for-you sweeteners, now cropping up in baked goods, beverages, and more.
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