Jenna Blumenfeld

Managing Editor,
Delicious Living
3 foods for better blood pressure
Recent studies suggest that consuming these three foods can lower your blood pressure and keep your ticker ticking—so dig in!
10 new savory snacks you'll love
Want to get chip-faced? There are better options than Cheetos. These new natural savory snacks are packed with flavor, and will hold you over until your next meal.
Juicing 101: Drink your nutrients 1
Pressed fruits and vegetables offer high concentrations of nutrients in one ready-to-drink option.
17 new sweet snacks you have to try 5
Crave something sweet? Back away from artificially-flavored-and-colored candies and choose one of these top-notch natural products instead.
Going gluten free? Here's what to look for 1
Thinking about going gluten free? New options are making the path to GF tastier and healthier than ever.
The link between sugar, salt, and your heart 1
For years, doctors tagged excess sodium as a major high blood pressure culprit, but a recent meta-analysis suggests that sugar may be to blame as well.
10 caveman-approved new paleo products 2
Primal eating is easier than ever with this latest batch of paleo-friendly products. Look for them at your local natural products store!
Smart swaps for sustainability 2
Choose sustainable alternatives to plastic wrap and paper bags.
11 great new gluten-free products 5
Think gluten-free innovation is slowing down? These 11 new finds prove otherwise. Check them out, fresh from the show floor at Natural Products Expo West 2015!
5 yoga poses to relieve stress and tension 5
Anxious about an upcoming deadline? Yoga can help. We talked to yoga teacher Heather Peterson, SVP of Programming for CorePower Yoga, for down(dog)-and-dirty ways to relieve stress and tension.
The meat industry is gaining a new level of transparency
One slaughterhouse allows visitors to view their processing facilities. Is this type of food transparency (literally) overkill?
Frozen food heats up at Expo West 2015 1
Frozen is back in fashion. Watch Senior Food Editor Jenna Blumenfeld and Contributing Editor Elisa Bosley explore the easy-to-prepare, allergen-friendly options they found at Expo West.
10 delicious vegan foods at Expo West 2015 4
The wealth of animal-free foods and beverages at Natural Products Expo West was extensive. These tasty products represent the crème de la coconut milk crème of the vegan category.
6 nutritious nibbles for the smart snacker 2
Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO chip, popcorn and pretzel options for the healthy snacker.
4 brassicas that shine in springtime 5
Snap up these hardy vegetables and learn how to cook them in fresh new ways.
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