Jenna Blumenfeld

Senior Food Editor,
Delicious Living
Unboxed: 7 products that contain 5 ingredients (or less!)
One way to eat clean? Choose products that feature few, pronounceable ingredients.
Unboxed: 10 hunger-busting bars and bites
Discover portable meals and snacks that provide surprising functional attributes.
Celebrate Hemp History Week!
Hemp, hemp hurray! In honor of Hemp History Week (June 4 to 10), learn all about this important, sustainable crop plus five ways to enjoy it.
Unboxed: 5 chips made with healthier oils
The coolest snacks on the block are cooked in better-for-you oils like avocado, coconut and more.
5 next-gen and nutritious noodles
A far cry from the 10-cent instant packets you ate in college, these next-gen ramen and noodle cups feature authentic taste, real veggies and nutrient-dense ingredients—all without MSG or synthetic flavors.
Unboxed: 10 quick-to-make natural breakfasts
These stellar natural foods feature quick-to-make formulations with ingredients designed to keep you satiated until lunch.
Naturally wash your dog
How to naturally wash your dog
Whether your pooch rolled in a mud puddle or did a gold medal–worthy dumpster dive, here’s how to regain her cuddly condition.
Weird food trends
5 wacky foods trends from 2018 (so far)
Love 'em or hate 'em, these unexpected food trends are gaining steam. Here's our take.
21 tasty new meals and mixes
Be they nourishing breakfasts, hearty meal helpers or perfectly balanced baking mixes, these hot new products are all designed to help you save time in the kitchen.
5 good-for-you puffed snacks
These airy, crunchy snacks almost seem to melt in the mouth. See what’s new in good-for-you puffed snacks.
Have an eco-week
Instead of celebrating just one day, expand your festivities into an entire week of environmentally friendly practices that will up your eco-awareness for the whole year.
5 protein-rich meat snacks
Paleo eaters and couch potatoes alike find satiety in animal-based bars and bites. Here's what's new in the market for meat snacks.
simple stress busters
5-minute (or less!) stress busters
Feeling stressed? Take a five-minute time out to practice easy stress soothers.
wellness shots
8 new rejuvenating wellness shots
Potent potables designed to improve gut health, slay colds and keep energy up throughout the day.
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