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Go fish: Research shows omega-3s help hearts, brains and moods
Omega-3s are the healthiest dietary fats; they benefit your heart, your brain, your mood and more. But chances are, you don't consume enough of them. Find out how omega-3 supplements can help you feel better.
Give your tummy some TLC with probiotics
The latest research shows that probiotic supplements impact both body and mind in myriad ways. Instead of individual probiotic species, supplements that offer a variety of species are the new trend.
When germs are good: How gut bacteria affect your health
A few years ago, probiotics were off most people’s radar. But that’s changing—and fast. The latest research shows the connection between our guts and our overall health.
Fight fatigue with these energizing supplements 1
Take advantage of these natural, non-stimulating ways to manage chronic fatigue syndrome and restore natural energy.
How to harness electrolytes for balanced health 1
Electrolytes are your body's electricity. Here's how to harness their power for top health.
Choosing the right supplements for special diets
Whether you're gluten free, vegan or need to control your blood sugar, supplements can help you fit in missing nutrients and feel your best. Here's what to choose when on a special diet.
5 health-boosting benefits of amino acids
Amino acids do more than just strengthen muscle. Learn how these tiny building blocks work together to influence mood, reduce stress and boost immunity in your body.
How to keep your mental edge
Try these natural remedies to boost your brain activity and improve memory—so you can remember where you put your keys.
Trust these supplements for a healthy heart
Support your heart naturally with these supplements proven to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and high cholesterol.
Natural ways to control your appetite
Shed unwanted pounds safely with these crave-curbing supplements.
The best stress-fighting supplements
Keep stress at bay and stay calm this season by keeping these helpful nutrients in your diet.
How to supercharge your immunity
Combat cold and flu season with these natural herbs, enzymes and vitamins.
Health benefits from the beehive
Propolis, royal jelly, and other supplements collected from beehives once had an almost cultish following. Today, the science supporting their use is respectable, if often overlooked.
The benefits of vitamin K 5
Learn about the role vitamin K plays in balancing blood sugar, addressing osteoporosis, reducing heart calcification, and more.
Safe ways to enhance athletic performance 1
Safe and natural sports-enhancing supplements can help you gain an edge.
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