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Natural ways to control your appetite
Shed unwanted pounds safely with these crave-curbing supplements.
The best stress-fighting supplements
Keep stress at bay and stay calm this season by keeping these helpful nutrients in your diet.
How to supercharge your immunity
Combat cold and flu season with these natural herbs, enzymes and vitamins.
Health benefits from the beehive
Propolis, royal jelly, and other supplements collected from beehives once had an almost cultish following. Today, the science supporting their use is respectable, if often overlooked.
The benefits of vitamin K 3
Learn about the role vitamin K plays in balancing blood sugar, addressing osteoporosis, reducing heart calcification, and more.
Safe ways to enhance athletic performance 1
Safe and natural sports-enhancing supplements can help you gain an edge.
How omega-3s can help your child thrive
Research shows that a nutrient-rich diet is the best way to ensure healthy minds and moods in children. Learn how omega-3s can help close the gap.
9 nutrients to support heart health 2
Guard against cardiovascular disease and other risks with essential support from research-backed nutrients.
Why D is the must-take vitamin all year long 4
Getting your daily vitamin D dose isn't just a wintertime concern; learn why your body needs more year-round.
Supplements for healthy aging
Feeling the wear and tear of another year gone? Address your body's changing needs with targeted nutritional strategies.
How adaptogens can help you cope with stress 1
Adaptogens are an important part of a healthy stress-management regimen. Many of these herbs can be ground up and added to foods, as well as taken as supplements.
[Infographic] Best herbs and supplements for stress relief
Tired of living in the Age of Anxiety? Try one of these gentle, non-addictive remedies.
Support breast health naturally 1
Reduce your risk or enhance your long-term recovery with natural, research-based tactics.
Nutritional strategies for autism
Research shows that diet and supplements can improve brain chemistry in children. Ease your child's autism symptoms with these tips from nutrition experts.
Supplement savvy: filling the gaps in your diet
Considering adding supplements to your diet? Here's what to take when you're starting out—or how to fill the gaps in your current regimen.
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