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The best workout-recovery supplements
Starting a new exercise regimen? Use these supplements to replenish lost nutrients and minimize injury.
10 supplements for a good night's rest 1
It's difficult to get much done when you can't sleep soundly. These top supplements may help you unwind, and snooze deeper.
Build immunity with herbs and homeopathy
Reinforce your natural immunity arsenal with these research-backed supplements.
Top supplements for menopause management 2
Get natural relief for common menopause symptoms.
Fight exhaustion with adrenal-support supplements
Give your adrenals some TLC by considering these supplements, which can help support glands and improve energy.
6 supplements for prostate support 1
Natural remedies for BPH and inflammation.
5 supplements for tweens and teens 2
Support growing bodies with these essential nutrients
6 supplements that may lower cancer risk
Taking certain supplemental nutrients, prioritized here based on expert advice and scientific research, may reduce the risk of developing some cancers.
Omega-3 guide: how to choose a supplement
Use this glossary to guide your purchase for omega-3 supplements, which can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, ease your aches and pains, and improve your mood.
6 herbs and supplements to reduce stress 5
It’s tougher than ever to turn off busy, multitasking minds and find some calm. But these gentle, nonaddictive remedies can help.
What are the best antiaging supplements? 1
We highlight the six top antiaging supplements that have the power to slow the aging process and revitalize your body
8 remedies for deeper sleep 3
Are you one of the many Americans that feels tired? Opt for one of these natural remedies to get a deeper sleep and feel better every day.
5 top minerals for your health 14
Here are five minerals to consider taking now.
8 remedies to heal injuries naturally 8
Summer brings out weekend warriors in force. Although NSAIDs and other pain relievers offer short-term relief, you can do better: Several natural supplements ease injury-related inflammation and pain while accelerating healing.
Choosing the best calcium supplement 1
For strong bones, here's how people of all ages should choose calcium supplements—plus which nutrients will help maximize calcium's benefits.
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