Giovanna Huyke

Coconut Mousse (Tembleque)
This classic Puerto Rican dessert has endured the test of time; it's lightened here by using less sugar. The name comes from its wiggly texture.
6 vibrant Puerto Rican recipes
Puerto Rican cuisine is thriving—with new twists. Passionate chefs include Giovanna Huyke, who, inspired by her vegetarian daughter, now fuses traditional dishes like chicken and rice, empanadas, sofrito, and mofongo with lighter techniques and ingredients.
Puerto Rican red beans and rice (Arroz mamposteao)
Mamposteao rice is one of the best ways to enjoy red beans. Sometimes Chef Giovanna adds small diced baked ripe plantains for sweetness.
Fish with island mojito sauce (Mojito isleno)
Salinas, a coastal town, claims creation of this recipe, and every Puerto Rican restaurant claims to make the best mojito. The traditional mojito preparation uses chicken bouillon cubes and a lot more oil; this lightened version is easy to make, keeps well refrigerated, and tastes marvelous on top of every catch from the sea.
Yucca mini tamales (Empanaditas de Yucca)
This filling recipe features a dough made of yucca root instead of corn.
Plantain patties (Mofongo)
You haven't been to Puerto Rico if you haven't tried mofongo, green plantain that's fried, mashed, and seasoned. Chef Giovanna seasons it with garlic and boils it instead of frying to make it healthier while still retaining its unique flavor.
This is the Puerto Rican version of Spanish escabeche (ceviche); its vinegary taste pairs beautifully when layered over starchy plantain mofongo. Escabeches are made with many different seafoods; try it with shrimp or octopus.
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