Elisa Bosley

food editor and writer

Elisa is Delicious Living's former food editor and Editor-in-Chief. Because both of her (now adult) children are gluten free, she has a special interest and expertise in gluten- and allergen-free foods. Visit her at elisabosley.com.

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[Infographic] 10 surprising gluten-containing foods 3
For the gluten-free newbie, this list may offer a few "watch out" moments.
11 pantry staples for quick meal prep
You don’t need to make prep, cut, chop or blend every ingredient by hand. Today’s healthy natural products offer smart shortcuts for maximum flavor. Keep these pantry staples on hand for quick meal prep.
How to indulge without the bulge this Thanksgiving
Sure, Thanksgiving will be filled with mouthwatering foods. But no need to leave the day feeling overstuffed. Here's how to know your limits so you can savor the day.
Gluten's curious journey: A history of gluten
Follow gluten’s timeline to get a sense of its checkered past—and emerging future.
low sugar fruits
11 low-sugar fruits
If you're watching your carbohydrate intake, some fruit choices may be better than others.
6 cherry-centric recipes
It's cherry season! Whether tossed in salad, sautéed with spicy chorizo, or baked into a decadent tart, cherries are what's cooking. Right. Now.
6 fresh ideas for the grill
The natural sugars in seasonal fruits and veggies caramelize into deep-sweet succulence on the grill, while fibrous picks like plantains and mushrooms mellow and soften. Get 'em while they're hot!
Mythbusting the paleo diet
Is the paleo diet real meat or simply nuts? Learn why eating like our ancestors hits the health target.
5 wholesome summer smoothies 3
Smoothies might just be the perfect healthy snack or meal replacement. Enjoy these five fresh recipes, featuring seasonal produce, made-in-nature flavoring, and limited added sugars.
Cocoa-Tahini Smoothie
This rich, luscious smoothie will make chocolate lovers happy. Tahini (sesame seed paste) adds an unusual, rich taste; you could substitute another nut butter if you like.
Mango-Coconut Smoothie
Antioxidant-rich mango and anti-inflammatory pineapple team up with coconut milk to create a taste of the tropics in this sunny smoothie. Adjust protein powder to your needs, and use unsweetened or vanilla powder to vary sweetness.
Watermelon-Chia Smoothie
If you like “chewy” drinks you’ll love this fiber-filled smoothie.
Strawberry-Mint Smoothie
So refreshing! The mint livens up this basic smoothie. Serve over ice cubes if you like.
Mixed Berry-Vanilla Smoothie
This is a thick, substantial smoothie that makes a good meal replacement when it’s too hot to cook. Kefir, a drinkable yogurt, contains beneficial live probiotic cultures.
15 delectable berry recipes
Glory in seasonal fresh or frozen berries with these 15 delicious recipes, including everything from entrées to salads, desserts, quick lunches and more.
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